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My Super Lawyer Who Has Compassion, Commitment, and Conviction.

"It is with great pleasure that I write this review for Daniel An. Over the years I have had to retain about two dozen lawyers for business matters to non-profit organization matters. When I hired Daniel, I soon found a diamond in the rough. He has the 3 C's in my professional opinion that makes him a great lawyer and that you should have on your side. He has Compassion, Commitment, and has Conviction. He single handily took on my case with little notice and little help from me when someone hit my vehicle. Daniel, from the on set got on my case and had it resolved with in two weeks. I was bogged down work at did not have time to deal with this matter on my own and did not want to deal with a timeless lawsuit or litigation. A friend of mine from the big firm recommended Daniel to me. With Daniel’s strong background in Personal injury case his knowledge of how the insurance industry works, he was the perfect choice for me. Daniel was extremely intelligent and very personable. Without Daniel’s professional help I would have probably lost my case and would have had to deal with the insurance company alone and I probably would be to be at fault. Daniel is a smart and very savvy litigator who really knows the law. He not only handled my case with utmost professionalism but he did it in a way that was result oriented and that was so clear that I understood every move and his approach every step of the way. He gave me 120% and labored tirelessly for returns and always me my calls within minutes of calling him. No lawyer does that anymore. Daniel’s enduring passion, mission, and effort put me in a winning situation! Now, I consider him a close friend, business associate, and, perhaps most importantly, a colleague in the ongoing struggle to level the playing field for all, especially those who feel they don’t have a voice. Daniel will be your voice; his dedication to the Law and the undeserved communities especially of Los Angeles is absolute. I’ll conclude by stating the obvious: Daniel’s dedication to serving people’s is marvelous and inspiring, as his unstinting and unwavering efforts to help people with the law to all Americans of all walks of life. I recognize that only a fraction of you will hire lawyers for your cause and cases, Daniel An is one tremendous lawyer who is a worthy lawyer that should be awarded your case and cause, if you should ever need one. I hope I have struck a cord with you and that I have been able to provide you with some insight about the kind of person and lawyer Daniel is! I would highly offer him to you and recommend him as a candidate of merit for your lawyer."




Jess Jimenez

Executive Director

Latino Children's Fund (LCF) 

Highly Recommended!

"A+++ rating for Daniel An! I sought legal counsel for a civil issue. I so appreciate that Mr. An addressed my case personally, instead of delegating to staff with little legal training, as is the case with most law offices. Mr. An treated my potential civil case with the upmost respect and attention, asking all the right questions, and promised a legal analysis by the following Monday. He delivered on his promise early by providing a thorough overview of my case the SAME DAY to help me understand if there had been any wrongdoing from a legal standpoint, and gave his recommendation on how to proceed with my legal issue. I appreciate his approach, treating my potential case with dignity and humility. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

-- Sherryl K. 


The Difference

"Mr. An is a very caring and honest lawyer and gets the job done! He settled my case quickly and really went the extra mile by coming out to my house late in the evening to finish up all the paperwork. He was always easy to reach. He'll sometimes call you six or seven times in one day just to make sure he has every little detail. What lawyer does that?"

-- Posted Anonymously on Avvo.com

Very Thorough and Diligent 

"Mr. An helped me through many legal problems over the years. He once wrote an argument without any law and submitted it to the Judge, the case against me got dismissed. He also negotiated a favorable settlement days before trial against a large corporation and their fancy lawyers - the contract in dispute had a 30-year automatic renewal provision and he was able to get amazing results (the 30-year provision was reduced to nothing). Amazing lawyer!"


-- Paul